2004 gto, or 1965 gto?

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    New GTO is for all with cash, old one is for man with balls
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    whats wrong with that?
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    '65 all the way
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    i think this gto will apeal to a wide varity of car enthusiasts. the styling is great on the new one. they picked the correct engine for the car and the correct transmission. however, for my garage i would have to go with the classic goat.
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    to even compare this car to the 65 is stupid. if u want my opinion this car is garbage. id take the old GTO over this any day!
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    Woa way off topic.. shut your fuc*ing mouth... we were asked a question and we answer... most of say no to the question... how is that complaining... damn you aussies are such shit stirring kangaroo raping whiners... ok we didnt say the car is badly engineered were asked which one we like better and we choose the older one...

    name one 60s car australia made that was betterthen GTO....

    no offense to australians out there with that kangaroo coment... just him...
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    Where were pontiac GTOs produced in the 60s.... thats right AMERICA not CANADA... canada is just America Junior ne way or in most cases.. americas *****
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    i see why u have one post... the new GTO isnt that expensive... you say it like its a ferrari price
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    name one aussie car better than the old gto? well where do i start?
    Faclon gtho's especially the xy gtho phase 3, the original monaros, cobras, v8 kingswoods, is that enough for ya?
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    the '04 is faster, handles better and stops better, that should be 99% of what we're looking at in the comparisons. but that other 1% goes to a 65 goat and its classic muscle look
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    65' easily
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    The only 2 Pontiacs I want is a 65 goat and a 69 firebird.
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    could use a sportier exterior design
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    old no doubts
    I think that Pontiac should make the old GTO Concept because this new GTO is a Monaro with Pontiac emblem....
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    I have not read all the threads on here but i am dissapointed by what i read. you all sound like a bunch of little kids. you say the old and say the new is a heap of rubbish. what do you know. just look around a bit and take a look at the monaro. i can tell you that the gts we have over here has 400 hp and runs 1/4 in about 13.4. The biggest thing slowing this car down is traction. it only has 245's on the rear. you look at most ur cars over there and they are a lot bigger. I know for a fact that this car can do 270 km/h with four people in it standard and if it wasn't for the fact that we picked up that shitty six speed from corvette it would go quicker. the reason we use ur motor is because we only have 20 million people in our country so our market for these cars is a lot less so it is not feasible to make our own motors. but wait, any time now holden australia will be building our own V6 with 3.8 litres that produces around 190kw (247HP) N/A and that will be going in our family car. it should be putting our around 260-270kw with a turbo (340-350 hp) Now tell me we don't know what we are doing. hooray goodbye to that shitty buick we have been using for years. Another thing with our cars, you get luxury and equipment in these cars unlike the like of mustang performance cars where on the better models you might not even get a stereo because it makes up weight. heh there are even back seats. Oh yeh and by the way our GTHO will PISS on ur GTO and that is a ford and i dont even like fords.

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    heh everyone just take a look at this link this the monaro HRT 427 that did the 24 hour race in australia and absolutely blitzed the competition. http://www.ultimatecarpage.com/frame.mv?file=car.mv&num=1488
    just note the top speed and acceleration times on this one.
    note that this car is a variant of australias most popular family sedan and if this car goes on sale will cost 200,000 aus dollars.

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    note also everyone
    there are a lot of people posting in this forum assuming that this car was a bad replication of a GTO. That is because it is not. It is not a pontiac and never will be. it was designed a good 5-6 years ago and when it was made the word pontiac and GTO were never even thought of. THe name GM america although was and it is great that it went over there. It opens up a new market for australia and will help us develop new ideas and our own engines and components with the extra revenue coming in. Also remember it was not our idea to send it over there, one of ur big GM bosses came over here and drove the car and loved it. Now take his advice and like the car also. He has of course driven it remember. The reason why it has been made a pontiac is because pontiac was becoming "soft" and had no real performance cars on the markets with big v8's and rear drive so be thankful. before you judge just wait and watch and you will find this car with very few mods will keep up with a lot of the other muscle cars over there. there is no doubt about it. we have just one version over here that runs a 13.4 and remember it is easier to extract power from a motor over there because you have less emision restrictions then us and you can put bigger louder exhausts on ur cars. by what i hear over here the standard GTO over there would not be legal on our roads because of the load exhaust note

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    Old one had more power and looked better
    i'd definately take the 65
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    whats wrong with it being a monaro. its one of the best looking and performing 2+2 coupes for its price available any where. its just a shame you had to ruine the front end of it with your terrible taste of cars in america
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    id go with the new one because ive seen the test video and the handling is much better than the old one, but the old one has that monster acceleration but to skid around corners how i saw it to do that in a old gto youd have to be one hell of a driver to skid a long and heavy car like that perfectly around a corner like that. So yeah id go with the newer one and dont forget the newer one has 350 horses but in the older one you can easliy beef up the cars horse power with head work,carbs,induction , and all of those american tuning parts.
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    UMMMMM I rather have a 66 Goat!!, then a 69 GTO judge, then a 65! , then this!!!!!!!
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    Bring the JUDGE! Would take an older GTO over the new ones anyday.. these are still very nice cars though.

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