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    i agree with POWEREDbyM, what also sets BMW apart from mercades is the manual tranny
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    whay dont you shut up, you seem to talk shit like youve got somthing to hide, and you cant seem to hide it. mercades is for class, BMW is for the track
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    There is a new M5 wit a V10 gennerating well over 500hp
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    If any of you all will notice, the most recent Automobile has done a story comparing all the cars in this league, including the M5, new E55, S-type R, and the audi RS6. I think it is unfair to compare the E55's performance numbers as being superior to those of the M5 when they've been so sparsely tested at this point. In the Automobile test (given there are probably better test drivers out there), the E55 pulled a 5.0 second flat 0-60 time, onto a 13.1 1/4 mile at 112 mph. That's moving, but still way off the "conservative" 4.5 second 0-60 that Mercedes claims for it. Same thing with the Jaguar, except this one's even more disappointing: 0-60 in 5.7 seconds, and a 1/4 mile time of 14.0 @100 mph. Jaguar claims this S car is the fastest Jag ever, though those numbers are thoroughly trounced by the previous XKR coupe's 5 second flat 0-60 and mid-13's 1/4 mile time. Even if Automobile did a poor job of getting the max performance figures out of these cars, even car and driver could do no better than a 5.5 second 0-60 on the Jaguar. We'll have to wait to see if the Benz steps it up in other tests. To me, this is frustrating to see mega-hyped cars with a history of being fast, where the latest versions aim to take it even further, and then disappoint with these kinds of numbers. It seems Mercedes and Jaguar have some kinks to work out in the high performance divisions. At any rate, the point of this post is to show that in spite of the inconsistencies between the different magazines with supposedly identical cars, the BMW still comes away impressive. With the Automobile test run of 4.8 seconds to 60 and 13.2 at 108 in the 1/4 mile, the M5 still performs consistently with what other tests indicate, and well above the 5.3 second 0-62 km/hr that BMW claims for the car. Not to mention is still amazing combination of luxury and performance, which does each better than many competitors alone, and comprimises nothing for the other. It's a car that breaks the rules of seperation between driving comfort and driving enthusiasm, clears the bar everytime no matter how high you set it, and in my mind, as well as the editors of Automobile most recently, is still the reighing champ of super-sport sedans
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    what a freiken dork, get a life, its not like you are the ceo of mb
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    a v10 and if you had listened a modified f1 engine, the revs would have to be taken down to go by federal emmisions. dork
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    shut the #$%# up baby boy
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    what f***** dork stupid sl55 amg detuned
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    and there is a Jaguar 4.6L v8 generating over 500hp, your point?
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    MB are far better than BMW. and recently (2003 cars) the MB outperform the BMW.
    granted the BMW is cheaper.
    but how will it compete with Jaguar and Audi, and i dare to say Volvo also... all these cars are cheaper than the BMW, but offer cars that are virutally matching BMWs performance.
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    Wow you have got to be kidding me, my mom has a 03 sl600, its a nice car for women, but since ur such a pussy.. lol. anyways i've got an 02 m5.. and... nothing can be said about this car. i still believe it hold the title for Worlds Fastest Sedan. Nobody has beaten it. Its well roundedness and nearly 50-50 weight distribution cannot be overlooked. Bmw has created the ultimate machine.. can't beat it..simple as that..btw.. List of cars that tried to #$%# with me : Subaru WRX, Piece of shits Civics, TT Supra, GS430, E55 AMG, C36 AMG, Integra Type R, Saleen, Corvette z06, i totally outhandled that pos, believe it. the only car out there that i had the hardeest time was with the m3... my homeboy has one and we decided to put it to a test he beat me off the line but by the time we hit 1/4 mile we were pretty much tied. Bmw only beats itself. Kinda hillarious cause a couple friends were trying to watch us race but they were telling us within 10 sec we were out of their sight around the corner..
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    go get a life stupid !!!
    your mom has a 2003 SL600??? they're not even in production!!!! and if they were idiot their engine is planned to be the one fitted in the mAybach!! the V12 twin turbocharged with an output of 550 Hp! 800Nm of torque!! 0-60 would be in something like 4.2 sec!!!
    nice car for a women you moron???? it isn't to be compared to the M5 but anyway it would rape the hell out it!!

    and more of that the new E55 is better than the current M5 so go get your facts straight and then come back moron!
    the "old" model of E55 was quite a opponnent to the M5, the m5 was slightly better but anyway, the E55 has more torque available at less RPM, the E55 was more luxurious and confortable, and there are versions of the E55 having 4-matic (all weel drive)! I would've loved to see what a M5 could do against the E55 4 matic on the snow for example!!
    I'm not saying anything. the M5 was better than the E55, I am just saying that it wasn't that better!!!
    and the New E55 is by far better than the M5, so we would have to wait to the next generation of m5 to really compare the 2!

    but really how could you even post a reply like that?? don't you think that other people know shit about cars??? 03 SL600!! what a moron!!!!!
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    Have you read the new car and driver? e55 vs m5 vs rs6 vs stype r. E55 0-60 in 5.0 sec
    RS6 0-60 in 4.3 sec
    M5 0-60 in 4.8 sec
    S-Type R in 5.7 sec

    The new E55 was only faster than the M5 over 100 mph. After everything they still choose the M5.
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    I've read it and its completely wrong, i don't see why the E55 will reach 100km/h in 5 sec?
    the time With 2 passengers , all fluids and luggage is 4.7 sec, the car can do it in 4.5 or 4.4 sec, the 476hp model of the SL, did it in 4.5 sec, and the SL is heavier and not aerodynamic as the E, so the new car and driver have to get their facts straight,,,
    I've seen also other magazines claiming that the E55 wins, and I'm 100% sure that the E55 can do 0-100km/h in less than 5 sec!, the Old one can do it 5.2 sec, and that's with 130 Hp less!!
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    The SL 55 has 5.3 and Sl 500 5.6 what says on the site is wrong.
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    you too
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    what? you're telling me that the SL55 reach 100km/h in 5.3 sec?
    who told you that? and who also told u that the SL500 do it in 5.6 sec??
    I don't get it with u people, u just like to post something silly or something?

    the SL55 time from 0 to 100km/h is 4.7 sec with 2 passengers, all fluids, and luggage!!
    it can easily do it with 4.4 sec...
    and the SL500 could never dream of doing in 5.6 sec, its more like 6.2 or 6.1 sec!

    where did u get this info from???
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    you're just an poor man who can't buy even u yugo....:C
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    acually the last autoweek said that mercedes benz is going down with their quality, they dropped from 10 to 16th and the used resale value is going down, My uncle has had a 1999 C280 since new and ever since it has had numerous problems, a new ECU at 15k and most recently a funny fuel gauge and it wont accept gas, that car is the ultimate piece of junk, same withmy aunts 1999 ML320, burns 1 qt every 700 miles and the interior noise is like that of a kia. i really dont see why people think mercedes are so great, my 1990 325i is still running strong and no problems. im not bashing mercedes but im just listing the experiences my family has had with them. Someday i would like to own a CLK430 so go figure.
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    WTF are u talking about??? MB's are known to be the most reliable cars in the world!!! the noise in the M class is like a kia??? really people i don't get it...
    You actually think that your 1990 325 is more reliable than a 1999 C280???? a 1986 190E is more reliable than the 1990 325!
    When a car company has a reputation of being the best in the world in reliability, well people are not imagining it, its from their own experience!...
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    If I was to vote..from BMW vs. MB vs. Audi vs. VW I would go Like this
    1.MB 10 points
    2.BMw 5 Points
    3.Audi 3 points
    4.VW 1 point
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    Merc are better. Bimmers are the poor man's merc.- wtf is with u? this is definently not true!!! a bimmer is sportier, funner to drive and just an all around better car, benz is going more for the older people who dont want to go fast and switch gears so unless your old, i dont no why the hell you think this! (and im not busting on old ppl...)
    bimmer=(cant find a good enough word to express it must not exist)

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    you're gay!! the 500Hp SL55 is gay? or the 500Hp S55 and CL55 are gay??? AND YEAH MERC ARE BETTER!
    or the new E55 is gay? till you learn how to show some respect to cars, just shut the FU-K UP!
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    BMW's are great cars, anyone who thinks they suck has obviously never driven one. However I do think Mercedes deserves more credit than it is getting from the posts on this topic. Any way, BMW's and Merc's are both great cars.

    Lamborghini's Rule!!!!!1

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    ha ha

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