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  1. the Mercedes S400 CDI hs a V8 4L of 250hp...no need of 7.2L !!! (even if it's a V6)

    The VW Pheaton has a V10 5.0L of 313hp !!!
    the torque of this engine is 750 Nm , so the Dodge power wagon can't have a torque of 1000+ Nm.
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    yep, I agree with ya! And.....this Dodge is called POWER Wangon! WhereŽs such thing?
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    I would like to show something to the two of you who posted ahead of me. This is a truck. Trucks are used for pulling things, whether it be in the bed of the truck or attached to the hitch on a trailer. For these type activities horsepower is virtually useless. Torque is the force it has to move forward while horsepower equates to the top speed. If your truck can go 150mph that's great, but it's not a worthwhile truck unless it can tow a heavy load also, which is exactly what this truck is designed to do.<!-- Signature -->
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    ya i laugh too.........
    at your stupidity import boys listen this is a truck it is used for things other than driving around for no reason waiting for some guy to get out of his caddy and come kick the shit out of your mercedes.

    such as
    hauling ass down the highway, pulling things
    climbing things and crushing cars! <!-- Signature -->
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    take this truck and crush em<!-- Signature -->

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